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I am a writer, artist, and podcaster based in Los Angeles, California! I love to make people laugh and I love having fun, but I also love a dramatic evening of nostalgia and despair. What can I say, I contain multitudes.


oh hey!

A little bit about me...

I grew up in the Washington D.C. area, raised by a musician and a writer. I graduated high school early, and went to college in St. Augustine, FL. Then, between Freshman and Sophomore year, I wrote my first novel. Everything in my life changed when, the following semester, I signed my first contract at age nineteen.

I transferred schools three times for fun, and changed my major from Theatre to Painting in order to accommodate my new career. I graduated early from Towson University and continued to work on my first three published novels, all YA: Here Lies Bridget, New Girl, and Anything to Have You.

Throughout the next decade I worked as a bartender and ghostwriter, traveling as much as I could, living it up in the name of book inspo

At the start of the pandemic, I moved with my family to Palm Springs, CA and finally slowed down enough to start thinking about my own next chapter, which led me to leave the service industry, take some opportunities in film and TV, and start work on my next book. 

I am now based in Los Angeles, California, where I live with my dog, Tarot, my partner, Richie, and the 12-9000 uninvited spiders that live in and around our home.


young adult

My first three books were all Young Adult, published by the then-new imprint of Harlequin Teen.
The film rights for Here Lies Bridget were acquired, and the early stages of the project remain in development.

find on goodreads:

here lies bridget

new girl

anything to have you

Featured in...

L.A. Times

Teen Vogue

Kirkus Reviews


and more




If you don't know what it is, ghostwriting is when someone pays an author to write their book. Usually it is completely uncredited and anonymous. So, in this sense, je suis un fantôme.

I have several ghost-books in different stages of development at the moment, but those that have already been released have been featured in...

Entertainment Weekly

People Magazine


The Times U.K.

Oprah Magazine

and more

I currently work with Kevin Anderson & Associates in addition to independent work. For inquiries, click here.

my vibe

Every writer's favorite question: where do you get your inspiration?  I draw inspiration from all over. But there are certain things that I consistently return to when brainstorming, or which always make me feel inspired. Here they are, in no particular order and without any censorship or embarrassment:

marfa gone girl call me by your name thunderstorms the notebook cab calloway james blake the aristocats drops of god fleabag hitchcock the great gatsby open windows on a summer day/night my grandmother's backyard the secret garden tarot normal people slea head drive bridget jones bill bryson brigitte bardot's hair caravaggio fleetwood mac neko case the cold mountain soundtrack paul mccartney paul simon dappled sunshine tan legs in pale denim shorts fireplace a quiet house on a peaceful night a sleeping city lana del rey's unreleased music skins (u.k.) phil harris and alice faye tortoise shell sunglasses dusty bandanas fog cliffs the unexpected call matches wine out of a juice glass joan didion alizarin crimson palo santo hot, every fan blowing screen doors slamming return to oz overheard french hot people smoking cigarettes alain delon polaroids bare feet titanic champagne artie shaw gilmore girls baltimore day drinking sleeping dogs 



film/set design/music/art

Set Design // Dresage // Dancing on my Grave // Music Video
Art Direction  // Thalo // I mean. // Album Cover
Art Direction // Thalo // Making a Believable Anti-Hero // Album Cover
Vocals // Thalo // I mean. // Multiple Tracks
Vocals // Thalo // Making a Believable Anti-Hero // Multiple Tracks
Vocals // Thalo // The End of the World  E.P. // Multiple Tracks

Vocals // Thalo // Christmas Gift // Single
Vocals// Thalo // Cherry // Multiple Tracks

Cocktail Creation // Tenth Ward Distillery // Corpse Reviver No. 10 // Canned Cocktail (available on U.S. East Coast)

Untitled_Artwork 7.jpg

pet portraits

One of those pandemic hobbies that stuck / the one and only profitable use of my college degree. 

My pet portraits are one hundred percent hand-drawn digitally and then professionally printed in vivid color giclée. The 'digital' word might throw you the way it once did me, but I'm now a huge supporter of the medium. (After all, if it's good enough for David Hockney, it's good enough for me.) It allows the artist to have control and to make adjustments, providing far more freedom than in more expensive, messy, tangible mediums. It also allows me to create a back-up copy so that if anything ever happens to the original piece, you have the ability to recreate a spare. I put many hours and lots of love into every single portrait.

Most of my commissions are dogs (and a few cats), but I am happy to do kids, birds, horses, whatever!

I am currently taking commissions!

Oil and acrylic paintings are also available, but can be prohibitively expensive. To inquire about these, drop me a line here.

as seen at Vanderpump World Dog day!

that's all. but keep in touch!

literary representation: annelise robey @ jane rotrosen agency
film representation: hannah vaughn @ gersch agency 

© 2023 by Paige Harbison
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