paige harbison

writer & ghostwriter

Paige Harbison

writer & ghostwriter

I was raised by a family of readers and writers. When I think about stories, I think about what it feels like to love them. I remember reading time-travel romances in a fort of pillows in the back of a car in a summer thunderstorm. I remember reading my brand-new, midnight-release Harry Potter book until the sun came up. I can still hear Bill Bryson in my ears as I worked for hours and hours on paintings in an empty studio in art school.


 I can practically break my memories into eras based on what I was reading at the time.

The books I'm working on now are for me, the reader, and you the reader. For my ghostwriting projects, I will always work hard to remember why the story is being told and to create a rich world in which to tell it.




"Compellingly written from Bridget's point of view, Here Lies Bridget is an ideal read for victims of this abysmal behavior, offering keen and witty insight into the emotional motivations of privileged narcissists...What’s so intriguing about Here Lies Bridget is its honest insight into Bridget’s self-perception…[A] solid and intriguing read." 

L.A. Times


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