Paige Harbison - Writer & Artist


I was raised by a family of creatives. My father was a musician and visual artist, and my mother and both aunts are writers. I never quite chose to become a starving artist, but rather happened into it. 

My compass spun in this direction in my freshman year of college. I was on the train home from school and I began writing my first book. A few months later, I got the news that I was signing my first contract. 

I didn't feel that I could commit myself to theatre while working on my books so I changed my major to art. thinking that the best thing was to major in something I purely enjoyed but for which I had no expectations.

Lo & behold, ten years later and I have three published books, I'm working with art, and I participate in recording with my brother for his band Thalo. 

Long story short, I'm a ripoff of my entire family.