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Pet Portraits

The Process

email me here

How does it work?

It's very easy. First, check out the options listed below and decide which option is best for you. Then send me a few pictures (or one, if you have one you love) of the subject, and I'll get started!

How long does it take?

Oil paintings - 12-16 Weeks

Acrylic - 8-12 Weeks

*Most Popular* Retina Oil Giclee Print- 1-2 Weeks (This just means digital oil painting, which is then printed as a giclee and sent to you.)

(Digital can be ordered on a rush schedule)

The reason for the difference in time is that oil and acrylic paintings take longer to create, and each take longer to dry. Oil paintings in particular take ages to dry completely, and I can't ship them until they do. 

The benefits of Retina Oil Digital Paintings:

Digital paintings are still hand-painted, every stroke being made by me. Not to shade others, but often when you see pet portraits for under $100 on Etsy or wherever, they are simply running your photo through a filter and making a massive profit for doing something you could have done yourself. My paintings are completely custom and I pour a ton of love into each and every one.


$800 - Oil Painting on Canvas - 10x10in

$600 - Acrylic Painting on Canvas - 10x10in

$225 - Digital Oil Painting - 8x8in

$250 - Digital Oil Painting 10x10in


Larger format is available for each medium--seriously, if you want something to take up the whole wall, we can totally do that, it will just be a difference in price. Just reach out to me here and we can discuss!

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