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Nameless Best True Crime Podcasts

Updated: Feb 26

By: Paige Harbison

Like everyone, we are addicted to true crime. Why is it so soothing? Why does it make us feel so calm? Who's to say? But it does. I listen to podcasts like all day long, while I clean, run errands, reorganize, procrastinate, travel, whatever. And I find myself constantly googling best true crime podcasts. Google is constantly reminding me that I 'visited this page already.' Rude. WE KNOW, GOOGLE.

So this list is organized into two different categories: lighter fare, and heavier stuff. It's not that any scam or crime is light, but since some podcasts get so dark, this is a comparative descriptor. Some hosts incorporate humor on very dark subjects or the telling of the story feels like it verges on wonderment at the bizarre.

This list will be updated frequently, so remember it! Also you'll notice a vetted-by portion by each show, and those are either us (Paige or Beth) or nameless best friends of the show. You'll know them from the podcast!

Lighter Fare:

Sweet Bobby

A story of catfishing made infinitely more tolerable and interesting because it's British. A tale of broken trust, the internet, kith & kin.

Potential Triggers: catfishing, chronic illness

Selling Points: British, cozy

vetted by: Paige, Sarah

Filthy Ritual

This was my gateway drug into Hannah & Suruthi, and I am now in love with the both of them. When I found this, I was more in the mood for long form podcasts that deeply cover one subject or story, but I found these two British BFFs so charming, I couldn't possibly avoid pivoting to their other show.

The storyworld of this one is wealthy London, and the subject centers around a health scammer (or maybe healer scammer). They have such fun that their exploration feels light and fun.

Potential Triggers: catfishing, chronic illness

Selling Points: British, cozy, funny, wealth

vetted by: Paige, Emily


Time to keep raving about Hannah & Suruthi! This is a different subject every episode, so the intensity of each episode varies. Their friendship, humor, and sensitivity for triggers never wavers, however, and it's an absolute delight to explore the world of true crime with them.

Some of my favorite episodes: Episode 280 - The Idaho Student Murders, Episodes 278/279 - Scott Peterson & Lacy Peterson, Episode 276 - Alison Botha: Left for Dead (extremely haunting imagery but an inspiring ending), Episodes 272/273 - The Delphi Murders, Episode 211 - Lorena Bobbitt & The 8 inch Carving Knife, Episode 188 - Michael : Confessions of a Club Kid Killer

Potential Triggers change per episode. Listener discretion advised.

Selling Points: British, cozy, funny

vetted by: Paige, Emily, Sarah


I swear to god, I will stop talking about the Redhanded girls, but they're how I dicovered Morbid! I haven't actually listened to that many episodes of their show, but it's great, they're great, and if you love the Redhanded girls, love the idea of humor and best friendship guiding you down Hell's river, then give this one a shot.

Redhanded x Morbid Episode: The Witches of Long Compton

Potential Triggers change per episode. Listener discretion advised.

Selling Points: cozy, funny

vetted by: Paige


Another British one! This one is about a woman who fake cancer. An insane story that just keeps twisting and turning.

Potential Triggers: cancer, scams

Selling Points: British, lots of interviews

vetted by: Paige, Sarah

Heavier, Darker, Downright Frightening:

S Town

If you know, you know. If you don't know, like I didn't know, then the 'twist' here will leaving your head spinning. A story about a small town murder evolves into something that is somehow bigger and more myopic as it goes on.

Potential Triggers: murder, suicide

Selling Points: cozy, charming, atmospheric (the American south), twists & turns

vetted by: Paige, Emily, Sarah

Serial Season 1

This and S-Town are like the Mom & Dad of true crime podcasts. The ones everyone says are amazing, and I was resistant to both at first for absolutely unfathomable reasons. Serial Season 1 was fascinating, and is one of the podcasts (perhaps the original) to change the course of the case as time went on and the investigation continued. It covers the murder of Hae Min Lee and the suspect, her boyfriend Adnan Syed. It takes place in Baltimore, and it's extremely divisive. So many riveting twists and turns.

Potential Triggers: murder, drug use, domestic violence

Selling Points: interviews with the suspect, satisfying, good to chat about after, twists & turns

vetted by: Paige, Emily, Sarah

In the Dark Seasons 1 & 2

Both seasons do nitty-gritty deep dives into cases that make you want to scream.

Season 1 covers the abduction of Jacob Wetterling almost 30 years ago. The story will break your heart and leads to a resolution by the end.

Season 2 covers the unbelievable (in the truest sense of the word) case of Curtis Flowers, a black man in Mississippi who has been tried six times for the same crime. This season includes court proceedings.

Potential Triggers: kidnapping, murder, racial injustice, the question of false accusations

Selling Points: atmospheric, brilliant host, twists & turns

vetted by: Paige

Root of Evil

Holy shit. This one is like if you crossed Agatha Christie with LA Confidential. It starts as a podcast potentially uncovering the murderer behind The Black Dahlia, George Hodel, but covers so much more. If you like Old Hollywood, stories about fucked up wealth, and finding answers to long-cold cases, this is the one for you. Also, it's hosted by Yvette Gentile and Rasha Pecoraro, George Hodel's great-granddaughters. WHICH IS INSANE.

Potential Triggers: murder, sexual abuse, incest

Selling Points: old Hollywood, hosts related to supect, satisfying

vetted by: Paige

Your Own Backyard

This is one of the longest ones on the list as it includes court proceedings. It's fascinating, it's tragic, and the host is engaging to listen to. One of the best things about it is the host, Chris Lambert, approaches the research of this case with empathy and compassion. He truly cares about what happens, and the podcast has an impact on the outcome of the case.

Potential Triggers: kidnapping, murder, sexual abuse

Selling Points: atmospheric, great host, twists & turns

vetted by: Paige, Emily, Aunt Jacquelyn, Sarah

Bone Valley

This might be my favorite on this list. I have often googled things like bone valley. It's about a man who was imprisoned for the murder of his wife and is hosted by Gilbert King who is a total badass. This one is fun to listen to and then chat about with a best friend--will you agree about Leo?

Potential Triggers: kidnapping, murder, the question of false accusations, sexual abuse

Selling Points: atmosphere, twists & turns

vetted by: Paige, Emily, Sarah

The Teacher’s Pet

An Australian podcast, this one is about a (not super good) Rugby player, whose wife goes missing, and his twin brother with whom he has a f*cking weird relationship. Not only is the accent soothing to me, but I want to be friends with a few of the people he interviewed.

Potential Triggers: kidnapping, murder, incest, domestic violence

Selling Points: Australian, lots of audio

vetted by: Paige

Cold (Season 1)

An incel's love story that ends in tragedy. It's wild the audio clips they have for this case, and it's due to a couple of real weirdos who record everything. This one is pretty upsetting. Don't listen to this one if you can't hear about the abuse of children.

Potential Triggers: kidnapping, murder, child abuse, hearing the actual voice of the suspect

Selling Points: great host, twists & turns, lots of audio

vetted by: Paige, Sarah

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